Tuesday (You)Tube

Low budget and barely original but still sort of entertaining video of the week: We know, we know. Another video about making commuting fun. They’re sort of missing the point, aren’t they? Commuting isn’t fun! It’s damn serious business. But we have a secret: we love Pictionary. Anything involving Pictionary (and sweets) we thoroughly approve of. Also from now on we will refer to the tube only as ‘the fundeground’. Deadpan voice compulsory.


Tuesday (You)Tube: Silly football fans edition

Funny but also faintly dangerous video of the week that has left us with conflicting feelings towards football fans: The title of the video is “Hartlepool fans on the London Underground dressed as penguins”. I really don’t need to give you any more information than that.Other than do not do what one foolhardy penguin does in this video. We do not condone that silly penguin’s behaviour.

Tuesday (You)Tube: Rap edition

Slightly embarrassing (but also quite impressive) naughty-word laden video of the week: This is one of those videos that’s quite fun to watch but simultaneously excruciating because you just know that if you were there, minding your own business and reading the Evening Standard, you would not know what to do with yourself. Do you laugh? Do you watch? Do you join in? NO! YOU PRETEND IT’S NOT HAPPENING!! And we have to say the people in this video do a sterling job. We’ve never been prouder of you all.

Tuesday (You)Tube

Sad but strangely hopeful almost record-breaking video of the week: Geoff Campbell spends his weekends attempting to break the record for visiting all 270 tube stations in the shortest amount of time. This video follows a failed but joyful attempt. Why does Geoff do it? “A geeky love of trains,” says Geoff, “And I’m good at it.” Well, we salute you, Geoff. And thank you for giving us our new motto: “To the trains!”

Tuesday (You)Tube

Surprisingly amusing video of the week: We’re not generally a particularly cheerful lot here at London Locomotion, but we confess that this video did make us crack a smile. We would say something inspiring here like “Why not make every carriage a happy carriage?” but, frankly, that would ruin everything we love about the underground. So please don’t do that.