Questions you didn’t ask: Couples discounts?

Wherein we answer questions you didn’t know you asked us, because you didn’t ask us them. It’s what boring people call ‘community generated content’. Sort of.

Dawwww. You sweetie-pie.

The days of Brief Encounter are long gone. Despite evidence to the contrary, romance isn’t exactly encouraged on the railways.

Many companies offer group discounts, but these are mostly for three or more people. Suitable for less traditional relationships, but no use for commuting couples.

Greater Anglia offered a Couple’s Ticket this past Valentine’s Day, giving a 25% discount for romantic city breaks. It encouraged couples to come into London, because perhaps that’s where they left the spark in their relationship.

Other than that, you seem to be out of luck. That said, we do hear rumours of couples sharing discounts between them, but you want to be careful with that.


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