Bank Holiday transport fun (or lack thereof)

A jolly out of London for the bank holiday – easy, right? Wrong.

Some of the many tweets horrified at the standard of rail transport over the bank holiday weekend, when Network Rail takes a holiday too.

    1. Worst Late Western seemed to get much of the brunt in the evening rush out of London:
    2.   First Great Western Trains are the worst form   of transport known to mankind
    3. But it’s not just William going LOCO:
    4.  40min delay on @FGW Padd-Taunton. Going to   lmiss connection. Not another for over an hour. Happy Bank Holiday!
    5.  Traditional bank holiday ‘national embarrassment’  ltrain journey home courtesy of @FGW
      The Paddington line isn’t the only one getting passengers kicking off:
  1.  @SW_Trains Are you kidding?! Bank holiday lFriday & you’ve TAKEN OFF 3 train carriages?! ONE person at Clapham Junction managed to get on
  2. I think Diana and TfL might need some time apart:
  3. London transport, today you are a heartless bitch.
  4. And Sophie’s having trouble with South West Train’s AWOL staff
  5. @SouthWestTrains – train delay due to ‘temporarily unavailable crew’ – anything to do with temporarily sunny bank holiday weekend weather?
  6. While there’s a standard FCC queue – outside a toilet
  7. While everything else just goes to pot:
  8. Train full of people quickly losing their Bank Holiday Buzz. 3.5 hours, London to Leeds. Currently stopped in middle of nowhere. Ugh.
  9. To the lady Cracking open a hard boiled egg on a packed, hot bank holiday train – that is not the way to make friends!
  10. hmmm the train back to LDN is an hour longer for no other reason but for the fact it’s a bank holiday. ANNOYING.
  11. Buuut…
  12. And the morning after the weekend before, I’ll leave it to JT:
  13.   Hai thar mister Train, I know we’re all still a bit sleepy   after the bank holiday weekend but any chance you could wake up and get moving?

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