The most pointless Instagrams of St Pancras

The most pointless Instagrams of St Pancras

As you know, St Pancras holds a special place in my heart because it is my commuter station. Which also happens to house the Eurostar, a champagne bar, designer shops, a piano and art installations. What does this mean? Photos Instagrammed to within an inch of their lives. Enjoy.

  1. Nothing like a bit of #hashtag #overload…
  2. Omg! St Pancras has a roof! Who would have thought it?
  3. Oh, look. People who have time to hang about. With suitcases. Bastards.
  4. Because if you put the Instagram filter on, you can make it look cloudy IN the station!
  5. If you look down, just past the £10 glasses of Krug, you can just see me puffing and running for the 18.20.
  6. Yesterday I saw a pastry in Sourced Market for £4. £4! I know a man who can get you a three course dinner, tea, cake and a cigar for £3.70.
  7. If it’s in black and white, it looks more like a chic Parisian adventure than the truth: you’re taking the 15.17 to Nottingham.

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