Questions you didn’t ask: Walk the line?

Wherein we answer questions you didn’t know you asked us, because you didn’t ask us them. It’s what boring people call ‘community generated content’. Sort of.

Today’s question, randomly culled from Twitter:

No. Don’t do that.

OK, fine here’s why you shouldn’t walk down the tracks. You will get hit by a train. Or electrocuted. Or arrested.

Rail trespass is a crime, and British Transport Police take a dim view. They have run endless campaigns trying to stop people taking short-cuts across the tracks. Here’s one where British hurdling champion Dai Greene gets theoretically run over:

Granted, the test seems unfairly weighted against Dai (“Oh, he made it? Well, let’s tie his shoelaces together and spin him around on an office chair”) but it makes a valid point. Namely, that trains live on train tracks, and the trains will hit you.

If your train stops, stay inside and wait for instructions. Even if you’ve been there for hours. Even if you’re mere metres from the station. If needed, rail staff will lead you out onto the tracks. Do not break away from the group and take off on your own, for a life of adventure riding the rails.

Look, we get it. You’re young, you don’t fit in with the human world. You dream of running with the trains, being accepted into their pack. But this can never be.


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