Questions you didn’t ask: Copter vs Drone?

Wherein we answer questions you didn’t know you asked us, because you didn’t ask us them. It’s what boring people call ‘community generated content‘. Sort of.

Today’s question, randomly culled from Twitter:

Good question Andy! Let’s pretend you live somewhere near Luton Airport and are looking to commute to central London. Continue reading


Tuesday (You)Tube: Silly football fans edition

Funny but also faintly dangerous video of the week that has left us with conflicting feelings towards football fans: The title of the video is “Hartlepool fans on the London Underground dressed as penguins”. I really don’t need to give you any more information than that.Other than do not do what one foolhardy penguin does in this video. We do not condone that silly penguin’s behaviour.

Six reasons why St Pancras sucks if you’re a commuter

I know, I know. St Pancras International Station is a marvel. It combines beauty with functionality and upmarket chain stores. John Betjeman loved it. It makes the Daily Mail proud to be British. It manages to be cool and establishment all at the same time.

As I hail from the sunny climes of Luton town, it also happens to be my commuter station. And, just sometimes, I wish it was a bit more, you know, normal. Restful shades of mud brown; just one escalator to get to the surface. They’re simple desires, but not ones that are likely to be fulfilled. And that’s why if you commute, St Pancras is less ‘breathtaking’ and more something to be endured…

  1. It’s a Eurostar terminal, so there are endless gaggles of tourists, suitcases to trip over and romantic couples swooning on their way to Paris. When all you’ve got to look forward to is 40 minutes jammed under a predatory male’s sweaty armpit and a lasagna for one.



  2. Similarly, St Pancras has posh shops and a champagne bar that you have to walk past to get from the tube station to the National Rail platforms, meaning you have to dash past shiny glass shop fronts full of beautiful things you will never be able to afford. And, let’s face it, you never get to St Pancras early enough to shop there.
  3. The main concourse is ginormous, with people heading in all different directions like sheep on LSD. The result? Clashes worthy of Formula 1.



  4. Endless Instagramming of ‘gorgeous’, ‘stunning’, etc., etc., St Pancras. As if three million people hadn’t noticed it before that – gasp – the station has a roof.St Pancras roof
  5. Epic strolls to the Tube worthy of the London Marathon. It’s so long you suspect that St Pancras is colluding in secret government plans to make all commuters walk halfway to their destinations before allowing them on public transport.



  6. The pianos on the main concourse. Well, the last thing you need after a stressful day at the office is a tourist tipsy on overpriced champagne attempting to bash out Chopsticks for the twelfth time. If one of those pianos could speak, it would surely moan, “Did any of you get past grade 2 piano?” 

The Hot Line

Rejoice, fellow commuters! For we have been gifted with yet another illuminating survey attempting to determine ONCE AND FOR ALL what the best and worst London tube stations are.

Scientists Who Specialise in Silly Surveys about Underground Transport (to give you your full and correct name), allow us to save you time: the worst is Bank. It’s always Bank.

We can also confirm that it is, however, scientifically impossible to choose the best, as that’s like choosing between your children. (Not because you love them all equally, but because just when you’ve got one to momentarily cease poking you in the nostril the other will start shovelling dog food into its mouth with both pudgy little hands. You know?)

Luckily, dear readers, we here at London Locomotion are nothing if not dedicated. So we decided to bring you an alternative. We present to you The Hot Line.

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Today’s transport news and comment


– Thatcher parody pictures banned from tube (Mirror)
– Bank voted worst tube station (London Loves Business)
– Shepherd’s Bush central line station temporarily closed after fire (BBC)
– HS2 reveals revised plans for Euston (International Rail Journal)
– “Tube staff recycled my lost property” (Guardian)
– 15 artist mark tube’s 150th (Standard)
– TfL boss claims £180 to buy toy buses for Boris (MayorWatch)

(Photo: Ben Moore)