Royal Baby (and co) On Board

Commuters got a royal treat today when they found themselves sharing the tracks with Kate Middleton, the Queen and Prince Phillip.

The big three were visiting Baker Street Station as part of the tube’s 150th anniversary celebrations. They were led down to Platform 1, the northbound Metropolitan line, where they were shown a new S7 train – named, so fittingly, Queen Elizabeth II. As well as its royal moniker, the cutting-edge train has other impressive attributes, including high-tech air-conditioning and walk-through carriages.

Later, the Royal Party were shown a restored ‘Jubilee’ coach, dating back to 1892. And to end it all, London Underground’s chief operating officer Howard Collins presented the Duchess with a ‘Baby on Board!’ badge, given to pregnant women to encourage the rest of us out of our seats – and to save us the embarrassment of offering up a chair to a slightly overfed woman.

So tell us, did you spy these eager commuters? And did the Queen have enough credit on her Oyster?

Kate being presented with her 'Baby on Board' badge

Kate being presented with her ‘Baby on Board’ badge

(Photo: Daily Mail/PA)


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