The Sweetest Thing

Margaret McCollum. Photo: Now Here This

This is almost certainly what U2 were talking about.*

The voice of Oswald Laurence has returned to Embankment station to warn us all to “Mind the gap” – after his widow was disappointed not to hear his voice when she used the station in November.

Laurence used to voice the announcements for all northbound Northern Line trains, but they were phased out, until the only place you could still hear his voice was at Embankment station. 

His widow, Dr Margaret McCollum, travelled via Embankment on November 1, expecting to hear her late husband’s announcement, only to realise that TfL no longer used it.

After she approached TfL to find out why, TfL gave Dr McCollum a recording of the announcement, and then went one better, promising to restore Laurence’s voice to Embankment.

Yet further proof that the London Underground is just packed full of romance.

*DISCLAIMER: This is almost certainly not what U2 were talking about.


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