Friday Cocktail: Sazzernach

SazzernachIt’s five o’clock on Friday and you’ve been working hard all week. Before you catch the last train home, treat yourself to a commuting-inspired cocktail. Go on, have one for the road.

This week: the East Coast Main Line, the high/low road that links Scotland and England.

Scotland and England: history’s frenemies. Once, relations between the two countries were so bad, the emperor Hadrian built a knee high wall to separate them (it was a brutal time, and Celts rarely lived past toddlerhood). On the plus side, it inspired some great Roman spy fiction. Today, hostilities are reduced to mere sniping at sporting events.

This is thanks, in no small part, to the legendary East Coast Main Line, connecting the capitals London and Edinburgh. Depending on your political inclinations it’s either an umbilical cord between mother and child, or the umbilical cord planes use to refuel in mid-air, stealing all the precious petroleum.

The Sazzernach is celebration of cross-border harmony, combining Scottish whisky, quintessentially English tea and some mild xenophobia. Plus a wee bit of absinthe, as a nod to the odd love triangle between Scotland, England and France.

3 oz Scottish blended whisky
1 teaspoon simple syrup, or 1 sugar cube
3 dashes teapot bitters
Small amount of absinthe
Twist of lemon

  • You’re going to need two glasses. Fill one with ice and let it cool.
  • In the other glass, mix the syrup and bitters, then the whisky.
  • Throw out the ice in the chilled glass, and coat the inside with a small amount of absinthe. Discard any excess liquid.
  • Pour the whisky etc into the coated glass.
  • Add a lemon twist, ifyawant.
  • Toast to King James VI & I.

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