Cables make a break for it at St Neots

There’s more chaos in the Home Counties as overhead cable failures at St Neots bring the East Coast line to a standstill. Here are the best of the tweets:
  1. RT @lbc973: Issues with overhead power lines at #StNeots affecting services from King’s Cross to Peterborough. Updates from @AndyMcTravel this morning.
  2. It’s going to be another grim day on the East Coast Main Line #StNeots
  3. NEWS: Some passengers have spent the night stranded at London’s King’s Cross station because of overhead power problems at #StNeots.
  4. Train just left Kings Cross…no one knows – including 14 East Coast Staff on board where we go from Peterborough #stneots #headlesschickens
  5. You know things are bad when Leeds Bradford airport tweeting people to remind them that BA fly to London #StNeots
  6. At least someone’s excited this morning…

  7. Sorry to be a trainspotter 🙂 but things have got so bad they just sent an InterCity through Waterbeach! #StNeots
  8. RT @NRE_EastCoast: RT @networkrail: #StNeots 1/3 Investigations found approx 1km of overhead wire damage. We’ve been working through the night to fix the issue
  9. RT @pauljoy: @FirstCC I see your website has downgraded today’s problems to ‘No major incidents…’ If #StNeots isn’t a ‘major incident’, then what is?!?!
  10. Funny how the chaos of East Coast trains has made old smell of Virgin toilets nostalgic rather than disgusting…thanks East COast! #stneots
  11. The ‘Electric Spine’ has got sciatica, by the looks of it #stneots
  12. Starter this @eastcoast journey 20 hours ago from Leeds. Finally at KX. #StNeots
  13. All these train problems today only happening coz Tory gvt bought crap discount electric wire infrastructure in 80s #blamethetories #stneots
  14. Horrid delays/cancellations at Peterborough station due to overhead wires down. Like being on the Krypton Factor to get seats! #StNeots
  15. RT @networkrail: #StNeots Engineers will be going back tonight to continue repair work. Info about services on Thurs will be issued when confirmed. 4/5

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