The World’s First Commuter Concept Album?

Take whatever you are doing and throw it at the wall. Good. Now listen to this. Someone is writing a concept album based on the Victoria Line. Everybody start screaming.

Vincent Sheehan, a 35 year old music teacher, is about halfway through the project, but already there are some standout tracks.

Take Seven Sisters. In Vincent’s hands, the dingy station becomes a wistful prog-rock flight of fancy, a mystical version of the Canterbury Tales with gratuitous pan pipes.

Walthamstow Central is a downbeat techno grind, Joy Division meets Tears for Fears meets Philip Glass in a north London suburb.

King’s Cross/St Pancras imagines a very cross King George IV surveying his realm. His Majesty sounds like Ringo with a concussion.

Then there is Blackhorse Road, Vincent’s masterpiece. A peppy upbeat number, it sounds like the soundtrack from a Black Beauty videogame. We are listening to it right now, on a loop.

Vincent hopes to finish the album by August, and plans to cover more underground lines if this initial album is a success. So crank it up and get those lighters in the air.

[Victoria Line by Vincent Sheehan]


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