Five reasons why the London Underground is the most romantic mode of transport

sliding doors

On this most holy of holidays we present to you five reasons why the Tube is the Most Romantic Mode of Transport.

  1. Nobody talks. Is there anything more romantic than silence? Sure, it might not work on a date, but that’s the magic of a meet cute on the underground – it’s not a date! It’s a whirlwind encounter, where you can be anything to anyone! As Gaelic wordsmith Ronan Keating put it, you say it best when you say nothing at all.
  2. Lingering eye contact. Safe in the knowledge that you will never actually have to talk to anyone, you can stare away, a veritable seductress! But beware the reciprocal almost-stare, which just misses the eyes; while the object of your love-beam may be admiring your expertly-applied lipstick, they may also be wondering how you haven’t noticed the blob of dried hummus on your cheek.
  3. Persistent invasion of your personal space. If that’s not a relationship, I don’t know what is.
  4. Chivalry. Sure, you can spend your journey shoved against the doors with a backpack millimetres from your actual eyeball and an elbow embedded in your kidney. But when you’re offered a seat by a courteous Frenchman the world feels like a brighter, lighter place; the kind of place reached by jumping into a chalk drawing hand-in-hand with Dick Van Dyke.
  5. John Hannah.

5 thoughts on “Five reasons why the London Underground is the most romantic mode of transport

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