London Underground becomes labyrinth, commuters flee the Minotaur

wallinger mazeOn bad days, the Tube can feel like a maze, especially when people keep releasing psychedelic redesigns to the classic map. But now one crazy artist has transformed the Underground into a literal labyrinth, albeit without David Bowie.

You might have noticed these mazes popping up on your daily commute. 270 individual tiled labyrinths have been produced, one for each Tube station. They’ve been designed by Turner Prize winning artist Mark Wallinger, best known for his planned 50 metre tall white horse, which reminds some people of the Book of Revelation.

According to the Herald Tribune’s snippy blogger, commuters aren’t taking much notice of them. But that’s hardly the point. Art on the Tube, like the wonderful Poems on the Underground, is all about the thrill of discovering hidden gems. So forget you’ve read this post, go board a train, and get lost.

[Source: International Herald Tribune]


One thought on “London Underground becomes labyrinth, commuters flee the Minotaur

  1. I think your advice to get lost goes far beyond the Tube and is all the more important in today’s world. Only by ‘getting lost’ do we discover new things and advance ourselves and civilization. We don’t seem to be getting lost as often nowadays as in the past centuries of Newton and Galileo.

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