Bins showing delays will make you Oscar the Grouch

oscar-tube-binSure, delays on the London Underground are great, but why can’t they be more depressing? Like, along with the insincere apologies, maybe the announcer could list all the fun things you could be doing, instead of waiting around in a subterranean hell-hole? Better yet, how about no announcer at all? Instead, maybe you could read about the delays by staring into the gaping maw of a trash bin, overflowing with rubbish and last night’s vomit? Yeah, that would get across the full existential horror of commuting.

Well good (bad) news! More than 100 high-tech recycling bins have now been placed around London, with built-in screens that display adverts, news headlines and status updates on the London Underground. At last, you can plan your journey by inspecting a reeking pile of garbage, like you are auguring the future from the entrails of an animal, or are trapped in a Beckett play.

Time Out and the Economist are providing content destined for the bins (no change there then), and the smart receptacles can also work as an emergency broadcast system. So when the apocalypse comes, you might read about it on the side of a trash can. Seems appropriate.

[Source: The Guardian]


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