Mike Stubbs dishes on getting hot and sweaty in the London Underground

Mike Stubbs is on the level. Chatting with Construction Week Online, the operations director and former head of engineering for the Overground and Crossrail talks about his life, love and turn-ons, as well as his fascination with perfectly level track:

“The trick for track is to keep it as straight or as level as possible, and a gradient into and away from a station, so you’re using gravity to stop and start the train.”

See? More importantly, he explains why the Tube turns into a sauna every summer:

“The issue for the London Underground is tunnel cooling and the temperatures increasing in the tunnels because of increasing energy and heat on the trains. Passengers are calling for air conditioning on the lines, but this will dump even more heat in the tunnels.”

The good news is that Crossrail will have the large vents needed for air-con, but passengers on the Tube are out of luck. Might we suggest a writhing, sweaty, underground rave a la The Matrix Reloaded?

[Source & Image : Construction Week Online]


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