Historic steam train is a one-way ticket to Hell


Quiet! Hear that? Lotta stories about them there tunnels. Crazy stories. Mad stories. Some say that after midnight, an old-fashioned steam train rattles around the London Underground, a train that don’t go nowhere. It’s a train of the Damned, carrying the ghosts of commuters past. Satan is the engine driver, and your Oyster card is checked by a four-headed dog that speaks Latin.

But not to worry, there’s nothing scarier here than a bunch of train spotters. Last night a 19th century steam engine was sent chuffing along the Metropolitan line, as part of the Tube’s 150th anniversary.

It was greeted by crowds of railway enthusiasts in period costume, and dead eyed journalists, who wanted to go to bed. The engine was a restored Met Locomotive No. 1, for those that are into that sort of thing.

We’re particularly taken with all the smoke billowing over the platform. It’s so romantic, like a Rev. W Awdry novel or Brief Encounter. The closest we get these days is illegally discharging a fire extinguisher. (Do not illegally discharge a fire extinguisher.)

More outings are planned, but will sell out quickly, so move fast if you want to experience the soft Victorian leather on your buttocks.

Anyone looking for the actual train to Hell can catch the Northern line any weekday.

Source and image: BBC News


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