Commuter cursed by witch, transformed into dog, still takes train into work

A suburbanite was prevented from commuting into work earlier this month, after London Underground workers removed her from the train.

On December 20th the passenger, who at some unspecified point in the past was transformed into a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, calmly walked through the ticket barriers at Cockfosters Station, descended the escalators and boarded the Piccadilly line train into central London.

Unfortunately, TFL staff mistook the cursed office-drone for an unaccompanied dog, and grabbed her before the train could depart. The fools are now looking for her ‘owner’. To add insult to injury, they have renamed her Joy while they search.

There is no word why a witch or fairy may have transformed Joy into a canine-commuter, but the spell apparently left her with a skin condition and cut under her eye.

If you know Joy’s real name or family, please get in touch with the RSPCA.

Source & Image: Daily Mail


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