Here’s Roberto Mancini looking grumpy on the underground

Source: @ShaneOhhh_

Source: @ShaneOhhh_

Thanks to the valiant efforts of citizen journalist @ShaneOhhh_ we now know that Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini took the tube to last night’s 2-2 draw between Arsenal and Liverpool. (We’re not sure why we’re writing about this either, but there’s a Daily Mail article on it, so  it must be real news, right?)

Disappointingly Mancini didn’t pull a Hodgson and declare that Wayne Bridge will never play for Man City again. Clearly, he had even weightier things on his mind.

The likely cause of Roberto’s uncharacteristically glum expression is the news that Mario Balotelli – with whom he shared a tender embrace earlier this month – is leaving him (sorry, Manchester City) for AC Milan.

Mancini said of Mario’s departure: “We talked. The club asked me what’s best for me. I spoke with Mario and I think he wanted this. After three years in England, to go back to Italy will be good for him. We love Mario and he deserves to have this chance. For me, Mario was like another one of my children. I gave him his start in Serie A with me at 17 [with Internazionale]. You can be upset with him sometimes but afterwards he’s a lovely lad.”

So ends the greatest love story the Premier League has ever seen. Chin up, Roberto. If we know anything about our beloved underground it’s that there’s nothing like a solitary ride on the ever-constant Piccadilly line to ease your sorrows.


Our Top 10 London Underground-Inspired Songs

Looking for inspiration for your commuting playlist? Get inspired by our top 10 tube-related hits. Can you guess what’s number one?

10. Amateur Transplants – London Underground

9. Lily Allen – LDN

8. Donovan – Sunny Goodge Street

7. The Clash – London Calling

6. Duffy – Warwick Avenue

5. The Kinks – Waterloo Sunset

4. Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls

3. Davy Jones – Maybe It’s Because I’m A Londoner

2.  Bednobs and Broomsticks OST – Portobello Road

1. Click HERE for our top pick

Prince Charles takes a ride on the Tube, is still not king


Future king of the surface-lands Prince Charles has journeyed deep underground, to battle his rival the Troll Emperor celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Tube. The Prince and the Duchess of Cornwall took a three minute trip on the Metropolitan line, from Farringdon to King’s Cross. (You would be cross too if your mum refused to abdicate).

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Tube to run an hour later at the weekend from 2015

After the success of extended running hours during the Olympics, the head of the tube has announced plans for trains to run later on Fridays and Saturdays from 2015.

Transport for London’s Mike Brown said: “The Tube is the artery of London and we want to make the city’s heart beat strongly and later on into the night.

“It will be a real benefit for London’s night-time economy, either for people working late or enjoying themselves. If people want to buy that extra meal, cup of coffee or pint of beer, why wouldn’t we want to encourage that?”

Amen, Mr Brown. Amen. What do you think of the proposals?

(Source: Evening Standard)

Tuesday (You)Tube


Slightly dorky but none-the-less impressive video of the week: Visiting every single London tube station probably isn’t the top of every tourist’s ‘to-do’ list, but one intrepid New Zealander has done it – better still, he filmed it, so it almost feels like we’ve done it too. Yes, it is three minutes of pictures of a guy next to tube station signs – but it’s also three minutes of pictures of a guy next to tube station signs in alphabetical order.