Remember, remember…no gunpowder on the Tube

Guy Fawkes and his fellow plotters were going to hide their gunpowder in tunnels beneath Parliament. Then they were going to write their names with a sparkler and eat sausages.

Since then the authorities have been wary of pyrotechnics on the Underground. We’ve just been on the phone with TFL and National Rail to confirm that no fireworks can be brought on public transport. This includes trains, buses, the Tube and the Overground.

TFL say a small pack of sparklers is probably OK, but nothing with the word ‘Mega’ or ‘Apocalypse’ on the side of the box. You can still cram your face with marshmallows, but no toasting them on the Circle line.

So if it’s your job to bring the artillery to the Bonfire, it’s best to drive or get a cab. Or you can simply dazzle guests with your wit.


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