Vodafone and EE to provide free LU WiFi

Free WiFi access on London Underground will be provided to Vodafone and EE customers from the beginning of 2013.

The current system, installed by Virgin Media for the Olympics, is free of charge until December 31st, after which commuters will be asked to pay £2 for a day’s access, or £15 for a month.

But customers of Vodafone and EE, which has just taken over Orange and T-Mobile, will be given free access to the WiFi, alongside those on Virgin Media contracts.

Customers on 02 and 3 networks will not be provided with free WiFi

The WiFi network covers 72 London Underground stations, with an additional 28 to open before the end of the year. EF


Rail Force One: Presidential Train Facts

Everyone knows the American President jets around in his maxed-out Boeing 747, Air Force One. There was even an action movie about it, starring Harrison Ford. Meanwhile trains have had to make do with Steven Seagal in Under Siege 2. But traditionally, POTUS has always loved riding the rails. In honour of the US election, here are our top presidential train facts.

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